Domboshava Mediclinic

Most Medical Aid providers accepted

Borrowdale Dental Surgery is contracted with all major Medical Aid Providers, including most of the Plans provided by the carriers listed below. Most Medical Aid companies have a multitude of Plans with varying levels of coverage, so we encourage patients to contact their provider to find out their specific coverage details.

Don’t have insurance? Don’t worry! We accept credit, ZimSwitch, Ecocesh, Swipe, RTGS and Visa and MasterCard etc..


Important information about insurance accepted

Always check with your own health insurance provider. You should always check with your own health insurance plan before getting care to make sure you understand your covered benefits and costs. While our staff will work with you in this regard, it is the patient’s responsibility to verify and understand their medical benefits, knowing that they are responsible for all charges not reimbursed by their Medical Aid provider including shortfalls, deductibles and any ancillary charges.

Many Medical Aid plans are now considered “tiered” plans, and have different levels of costs depending on where you go for care. The information found using the links below should be used as a reference, but it is important that you check with your own health insurance plan to see what level of coverage you will receive at a specific treatment. Even if you see your medical aid listed, additional referrals or authorizations may be required. Some services may not be covered by your insurance coverage at every location. The level of coverage provided to you is determined by your provider.

Also, many health insurance plans may use other companies to cover certain services. Please contact your health insurance plan or employer for your specific questions. If your medical aid is not listed at the links below, please contact your insurance plan to find out for sure what coverage may be available to you.