Domboshava Mediclinic

Mother 1
Mother 1 @Maternity Client
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Good day Domboshava MedCLinic... I just want to thank All the Staff for their excellent service.Haa makandibata zvakanakisa zvekutoti unongonzwa kuda kudzoka zve Musazviitira ini chte itiraiwo vamwe vese
Mother 2
Mother 2 @Maternity Client
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I want to thank the staff neservice yavo yakanakisa Makandibata zvakanakisa pandakasununguka mwana wangu in October last year apa ndiye the first baby wepa Domboshava medclinic murambe makadaro muzoitirawo vamwe zvakanaka..makapenga
Mother 3
Mother 3@Maternity Client
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Good day domboshava medclinic... l want to thank the staff ne service yawo munogona murambe makadaro makandibata zvinodadisa pandakabetserwa mwana wangu ndiye third baby wepa domboshawa medclinic thanks rambai makadaro

Maternity department

Open 24hours, 7 days a week-for admission of booked cases or emergency cases meeting our admissions criteria.

Medical Laboratory Service

The service is available even to patients referred from surrounding public and private health care providers.

Medical department

comprises of spacious and fully equipped examination and procedure rooms, ambulatory/recovery or observation rooms.


We have qualified dentists, dental therapists and dental surgery assistants.


Emergency Scans, Breast Scans, Early Pregnancy Scan (5-12 WEEKS), Foetal well-being scans (30-40 weeks), 3D & 4D Pregnancy Scans


Buckets, towels, methylated spirit, betadine, cotton etc. Available.